Non-Invasive Ways To Keep Out Pests At Home   


Pest Control – This is something that concerns every home owner. Some regions and locations are more prone to having pests and rodents, and calling a pest control service is not an easy decision. While these services are effective for sure, the treatment usually involves using different kinds of chemicals, which can be dangerous for humans and animals alike. If you have older parents, kids and pets at home, you need to look for noninvasive means of keeping pests away, and in this post, we have the exact ideas you need.

Go for plug-in devices

If you check for plug in pest free devices, you will find a wide range of choices, right from the ones that use infrared tech to electromagnetic pest control. The latter is better as these devices can work across big homes and the pests don’t have to be in direct line of sight. With electromagnetic pest control, it is possible to keep pests away even in big homes and offices. These products work really well for rats, mice, and controlling roaches.

Use Vinegar

If you have ants at home and want to avoid using chemicals, vinegar is a rather safe option. You can take apple cider vinegar or regular synthetic vinegar for the purpose. Find a spray bottle and mix vinegar with half portion of water. You can use this to spray around areas where ants appear. You can also try the mix around the home perimeters. Besides being extremely effective and affordable, vinegar is actually safe for most situations. Repeat the same once in few days.

Use the essential oils

Did you know that peppermint oil repels ants and spiders? When it comes DIY pest control, essential oils can be really handy, especially peppermint oil, which works wonders for mice, fleas and moths. The aroma of peppermint oil is soothing for humans and does not irritate pets (at least most of them). You can place cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil around areas where pests appear, or just use a spray bottle, just like you would for the vinegar solution above. If you are trying to keep mosquitos at bay, considering mixing lavender oil with eucalyptus oil and use it as simple spray for your home. The scent is amazing and you don’t have to bother about mosquito bites anymore.

For electromagnetic pest control, makes sure that you check online and select a brand worth relying.

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