Bespoke Scaffolding Solutions to Cover Every Aspect of Construction


Scaffolding is a necessary requirement for every building project, yet each project has unique needs, which means the scaffolding needs to be created with specific needs in mind. Here are just a few of the specialised scaffolding scenarios that might be required on a build.

  1. Scaffolding with a temporary roof – When a building is being reroofed, it is open to the elements, and there are scaffolding erectors in Hertford who can create a temporary roof to protect the structure until the roof is completed. This can also be a solution for a large concrete floor, as a sudden bout of rain is all it takes to ruin the floor.
  2. System Staircases – These can be created within a scaffolding system, which allows workers access to all the levels without having to use a hoist. System staircases save a lot of time, as they allow the workers to safely access multiple levels, and in some cases, this is the best solution.
  1. Safety Net Solutions – Often when working on high structures, it is necessary to add a safety net around the perimeter, which protects people on the ground from falling debris. These can be created to suit the conditions, and by adding special debris chutes, waste materials can be put down these channels into a skip on the ground.
  1. Hoists – Hoists are great for lifting building materials to the required level, and there are hoists for workers too, which allows easy access to the required floor.

If you have an up and coming project, talk to your local scaffolding erector, who can design the ideal network of support that will enable the project to be completed safely.

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