How to Make a New Home Your Own


There has been a surge in house sales across the UK as the market continues its buoyancy into the new year. Now, taking advantage of stamp duty holidays and quick sales, a great number of residents are finding themselves with a new, and occasionally their first, home.

If you are in this situation, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed. After the processes of mortgage applications and solicitors have ended, you may even feel exhausted. You’ll very likely want to begin enjoying your new property as soon as possible. To do so, however, may take a little work.

There are affordable and easy ways to begin making your new property feel like home, so don’t fret. We’ve put together some of the most popular ideas right here. So, if you’re wondering just where to start renovating or which item of furniture to buy, here are the top tips!


Before you begin bringing in your favourite furniture or installing electronics, you must think about the foundations. Any work that you do may have to be redone if you wish to renovate your flooring at a later date. Plus, your floor, whether wood or carpet, is one of the most affecting design factors, having the capability to transform the feeling of a room.

Brightly coloured woods, or an alternative like bamboo, are relatively easy to install and can brighten a room. With the right wood, it can even feel more spacious. Dark woods can help a room feel cosy but occasionally at the cost of size. Don’t forget to consider the direction of your panels too. How you align your panels affects both perspective and the sense of size of a space.


One of the most desirable assets to a property has, over the past year, become a garden. A huge number of homeowners are, for the first time, seeking to own and enjoy an outdoor space. Growing foods is a popular endeavour, one that rewards the homeowner with ingredients that taste all the more special, since they’ve been nurtured by their own hands.

Sheds are also being replaced with log cabins and similar outbuildings, as a greater number of residents wish to utilise their potential outdoor space for private and personal spaces instead of the practical storage that sheds typically offer.


The value a lick of paint can bring to a new home is two-fold. Firstly, it freshens a room, helping it to feel entirely clean and novel, as if it is a blank canvas ready for your creative impression. Secondly, adding your own colour to a space is the perfect way to imprint your personality and will likely help you feel more connected to the property.

While finding just the right colour can be tricky, some people prefer to embrace new paint reclamation stores. These concept shops reclaim the leftovers of old paint cans, many of which end up discarded, and blend them to create new colours, while preventing what would have otherwise been wasted. This is a great premise for environmental sustainability, but you may not always be able to get the exact colour you had in mind!

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