Everything You Need to Know About Italian Marble


Are you shopping for natural stone for the remodeling of your kitchen? There is something special about Italian marble, and that’s why everyone recommends using Italian marble to make a real difference with its luxurious reputation.

Origin of Italian Marble

Italian marble is the most famous globally, especially the one that originates from the Carrara region. People prefer authentic Italian marble as it is pure and durable, primarily because of its beautiful white color. It stands the test of time owing to its exceptional quality, as many buildings and works of art used Italian marble centuries ago. Italian quarries have access to some of the best raw materials in the world. They set high-quality control standards by doing everything with precision: selecting, cutting, packaging and shipping.

Formation of Marble

Marble is essentially a crystallized form of limestone. High temperature and immense pressure on limestone create large crystals inside the earth. Unlike limestone, we do not see many fossils inside marble because intense heat destroys most minerals. You get white marble with different colored veins, depending on its original location, making every piece unique.

Suitable for Home Use

Apart from artwork, its hardness and durability make Italian marble suitable for frequent use in the kitchen, bathroom, and hallways. It gives an exceptional shine after polishing due to the way light reflects off its surface. Its exquisite veining makes it the best natural work of art. However, it requires awareness and care so that you do not damage it accidentally.

Taking Care of Italian Marbles

Suitable quality sealers can protect marble from water and greasy stains. It is also susceptible to acids and chemicals. Exposure to lemon juice and other acids can etch the surface of polished Italian marble. You can slow down this effect by applying wax after sealing. It gives you a little time to wipe the spillage of acidic foods as they can damage the surface if they stay there too long. Alternatively, you can reduce the visible impact of an etching by using honed Italian marbles instead of polished ones.

Why is it so expensive?

Carrara marble comes from only one quarry in the world, which is located in Tuscany. Due to a limited supply, Carrara Italian marble’s price is much higher than any other marble type in the world. It has a very high demand because of its uniqueness and limited availability. Since this Italian marble is rare, people tend to supply duplicate marble mainly without the end user’s knowledge. That is true for most other varieties of Italian marbles. That further escalates the price of authentic Italian marble.

Authenticity Issues

It may so happen that Italian manufacturers cut and tag their stone as Italian marble. But in reality, they were quarried in Vietnam or China and then shipped to Italy for cutting. Then distributors send those marbles to other countries for distribution, terming them as Italian marble. Authentic Carrara marble should mean that it was quarried from Italy’s Carrara region and not just cut there. Therefore, it is in your interest to confirm before you pay for it.

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