8 Types of Stone Finishes


Granite, marble, and quartz are just some of the stones utilized to develop the structures in an individual’s home. These stones can have a unique finish. Their finish can affect how they are maintained. Look into marble polishing Manhattan NY for more information about stone maintenance services. Check out these eight types of stone finishes one can have.

1. Antiqued

A stone that has an antiqued finish has a very smooth texture. To create this finish, the stone must be flame treated before special brushes are used to even out its texture. The stone will have a matte appearance.

2. Bush Hammered

A bushed hammered finish has a very rough surface. Many people appreciate the traction this finish provides, so they will place stones with this finish in spaces where people walk and run. A bush hammer is utilized to yield this texture.

3. Flamed

Flamed finished stones have a coarse texture. One can find many structures with this finish outside since scratches and scrapes will not be very noticeable on them. A strong flame is used to generate this finish.

4. Honed

Stones with a honed finish are very matte and do not have the mirror-like shine many other stones possess. People who like a mature appearance will often purchase this finish. It is best to seal a honed finished surface on a regular basis.

5. Leather

A leather finish can conceal fingerprints and streaks. It has a slight sheen, so it is polished but not extremely shiny. A plethora of people prefer to use this finish for their kitchen countertops since smudges do not show.

6. Polished

High-gloss is a noticeable characteristic of stones with a polished finish. The shine is so evident that one can see his or her reflection in it. Surfaces that have this finish are fairly easy to clean, which is why many people choose a polished finish for their kitchen countertops.

7. Sandblasted

The sand that blasts to create this finish gives it a texture that is coarser than a polished finish’s texture but smoother than a flamed finish’s texture. Individuals can achieve an aged look by taking advantage of sandblasting.

8. Waterstormed

Materials with a waterstormed finish are made using streams of high-pressure water. The process ends up bringing out a stone’s structure and color. Some waterstormed surfaces have a fine texture while others have a medium or rough texture.

Different types of finishes can result in various kinds of looks and textures. This gives people a vast array of stones to choose from.

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