How To Set Up Your Home Office


More employees today are opting to work from home instead of the office. This keeps themselves and their families safe as well as allows them more time together. Setting up a home office that is functional as well as comfortable will ensure a successful transition. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you assemble your space.

Find the Right Room

Walk through your house and analyze each room to see if it is suitable to be your office. Think about how much space you will need for your storage and equipment. If you will be entertaining clients in your home, factor an extra chair or two into your calculations. Ensure that you have enough natural light coming in. This can help your eyes from being strained as well as lighten your mood. You will also need to check for electrical outlets as well as phone or internet hook-up points near the area that you believe that you will primarily work in.

Have the Right Support As You Work

Once you determine where you will be working, search for furniture that will be comfortable for you as well as productive. Research desks for home offices, noting that you will want one that allows you to type with little discomfort. You will also want it low enough to look at your computer screen directly. Buy a chair that gives you both back and neck support and is adjustable to your height. Many options designed for this use also have levels of lumbar support and armrests. Set up a couple of lamps in the room to give you additional light to see by.

Keep Your Information Safe

While you are at home, you will need a place for the paper documents that you receive or print yourself. Reach out to your local office furniture store to find out if they have file cabinets on hand. Inspect them to see if they will fit in your space. Arrange them in the room so that they are easily accessible when you are working but out of the way of foot traffic. You can choose to use baskets instead if you have very few files. These can be set on a bookshelf and be arranged with your folders and personal effects. However, if the data on these sheets are sensitive in nature, you will need to have a place to keep them locked away from others. Purchase a small safe with a keylock to protect this information within your house.

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