Plant Identification Workshop in Singapore: The Fascinating World of Plant Life


Plant Identification Workshop in Singapore is an event that brings together the fascinating world of Plant Life. Plant identification experts will help participants to identify their favorite plants and learn more about Plant Ecology. Participants can also enjoy a terrarium workshop where they get to create their plant-filled mini worlds! Plant Identification Workshop in Singapore is an event not to be missed!

The Plant Identification Workshop is open for all age groups, and they encourage everyone interested in Plant Ecology, Plant identification, or Terrarium Making to join them at this workshop.

Some terms and activities that you will learn about in detail:

  • Plant Ecology: Plant Ecology is the study of Plant Life and how Plant Life interacts with its environment. Participants will learn about Plant diversity, Plant Adaptations, Plant Communities, etc.
  • Plant Diversity: This section discusses different types of plants in Singapore, such as Temperate Plants (i.e., flora that are adapted to living in a temperate climate), Tropical Plant (i.e., plants that are adapted to living in a tropical environment), etc.
  • Plant Adaptations: This section discusses different ways plants have adapted through the evolutionary process, such as CAM Plants, Plant Pigments, Plant Hairs and Spines, Protected Seedpods, or Fruit Stems, Pollination by Wind or Animals, Plant Communities, Plant-Animal Coevolution, etc.
  • Plant identification: Plant identification is the process of identifying plants according to their botanical name. It involves using a Plant Key, Plant Characteristics, or Plant Habitat.
  • Terrarium Making: The Terrarium Workshop Singapore will also teach participants to make their terrariums! This is a great opportunity for children to develop creative skills like hand-eye coordination in shaping clay pots.

The Plant ID Expert will also be teaching them about different plant habitats and Plant Ecological concepts such as: 

  • Symbiotic Relationships between Plants & Insects:
  • Types of Skin Shedding among Angiosperms;
  • Pollination of Flowers by Animals/Insects (Hybridization);
  • Seed Dispersal Mechanisms through various means like wind dispersal, water dispersal, and animals.
  • Plant Reproduction: Asexual & Sexual Plant Reproductive Strategies;

These are just some things that can be learned at Plant Identification Workshop Singapore! Join them now and become an expert on plants too!

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