How To Create an Efficient Home Office


Working from home comes with specific challenges, and they are amplified when you don’t have an efficient office space. Consider these easy ways to enhance productivity by improving your workspace.

Keep Regularly Used Items Close

Any items that you use regularly should be kept on your desk or close to it. Get a chair with heavy duty wheels so that you can quickly roll closer to anything that is just slightly out of reach. Use small storage bins on your desk that can be vertically stacked to store more items in less space.

Remove Distractions

Remove anything that will distract you from working. For example, you might find that having a television in your room encourages you to take too many breaks to watch the news or check out your favorite show. Likewise, you may have great intentions to work out on your lunch break, but having a treadmill close by may entice you to stop what you’re doing and start working out. If you cannot use the item for work, it’s best to remove it from the room.

Soundproof the Room

When working from home, noise from dogs, kids and the neighbors mowing their lawns can be an inconvenience and a productivity killer. Soundproofing your room can muffle noise so you don’t have to apologize to your boss for any embarrassing distractions the next time you’re on a video conference. A solid core door is an easy start to ensuring that less noise enters your room. For an extra measure of protection, use acoustic board tiles on the wall. Many companies make decorative acoustic panels so you can add personality to your space in addition to sound protection.

Establish Work Hours

Set work hours that you always abide by. If you’re wandering out of your office at random times, then your family may start to think that they can talk to you whenever they want. Establishing regular work hours, including specific times when it’s OK for other people in the household to talk to you, can create a more productive environment.

Learn About Office Ergonomics

If your chair is not the correct height or your monitor is too close to your face, your workstation may be causing you pain and slowing down your productivity. Learn how you should position your footrest, desk, keyboard and mouse to protect your joints and spine and to create a more efficient and comfortable space.

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