4 Tips for Enjoying Life at a Marina


Life on a boat sounds extremely glamorous, but it takes time to adjust to boat living. Problems like food preservation and storage can be overlooked by eager prospective boaters. Take the tips below into consideration to get the most from your boat life experience.

  1. Add Storage Wherever Possible

Anything you purchase for a boat will need a place to be stored, so when purchasing boat furniture outdoor living, keep in mind that furniture that doubles as a storage compartment is exponentially useful. A table with storage under the benches and beds with drawers can be immensely helpful in adding much-needed storage to a boat.

  1. Invest in Dehumidifiers

No one wants to hop out of the shower to find that all of their clothing is slightly damp, or slip under the covers in bed only to be enveloped in a moist blanket. On a boat, this is entirely possible and even inevitable only on hot, humid summer days. Investing in dehumidifiers to keep the cabin as dry as possible will keep your food and clothing from constantly feeling wet. Some more expensive models even have a laundry mode that assists in quickly air-drying freshly washed clothing.

  1. Add Shade Cover

Although basking in the sun’s rays is one of many reasons people love to invest in boats, eventually, everyone needs a bit of shade. On the open water, the sun can be very powerful, so a place to take cover will benefit you and any guests you’ve invited along. There are various types of shade covers to choose from including full canopies, tents and partial covers. Conduct a bit of research into which type of shading will work best for your boat and personal preferences before making a purchase.

  1. Consider Solar Device Chargers

While out enjoying the water, you may need to remain connected to life on land. Since there’s no shortage of sunlight on a marine vessel, you can purchase solar device chargers to juice up your phones, computers, flashlights or navigation devices. This can be extremely useful, especially if you work onboard, or just have a teenager with you who absolutely cannot be unplugged for any length of time.

Enjoying leisure time aboard a boat can be very relaxing and can help you build wonderful memories with your loved ones. Keep the information above in mind as you embark upon your new life as a boater.

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