5 Concerns When Buying A New Home


A home is likely going to be your biggest financial asset in life. With the increase in real estate demand post-pandemic, every buyer should be their own careful home inspector. You need to look beyond the cosmetics when being shown a home. You can then hire a professional home inspector to ensure you don’t end up with huge unexpected repair and replacement costs. Below is a list of 5 concerns when buying a new home:

  1. Exterior House and Property Problems

Serious foundation issues can amount to an enormous repair bill. Look for large cracks in the foundation. Look for large cracks that may have been covered by paint. Any cracks more than 1/4 inch wide could be a future issue. Look for poor drainage. Water damage along a foundation can be a major expensive repair job. Poor roof and gutter drainage is another cause for water damage. Check to see if drainage paths direct water away from the foundation. This should include checking the gutters to see if they are clogged or poorly maintained. In addition, assess the roof to see if it will have to be replaced. Find out when it was installed. Look for soft spots on the roof and water spots on the attic ceiling.

  1. Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Replacing an HVAC system can be an expensive and extensive job. Check the age and maintenance schedule of the HVAC system. As well check the furnace. Regular servicing is essential. Replacement costs can be a real financial setback.

  1. Interior Water Damage

Look for water damage concealed by paint. Concealing water damage areas with paint will enable a moist environment where mold can grow. Black mold is unhealthy to breathe. Look at bathroom walls, the base of the tubs, underside of drawers and sinks in the kitchen and bathroom, and around the toilets, including around the tank. Also, look for soft or warped sheetrock underneath window sills. It indicates there are leaks.

  1. Old Appliances

There is a pretty good chance that the home that you find appealing will not have brand new appliances and systems. Find out the age of appliances and home systems so you can consider repair or replacement costs in the near future. Find out the brand, model and year of the home’s major appliances and systems. One way to protect yourself is to get a home warranty that covers many systems and appliances, or look into appliance protection plans

Appliance protection plans generally cover damage caused by normal wear and tear and mechanical breakdowns. It only applies to one specific appliance in the home. This means a separate policy is purchased for a specific appliance which is separate from a home warranty plan. Appliance protection plans can, but are not limited to: air conditioner, HVAC, water heater, dishwasher, built-in microwave, and more.

  1. Plumbing issues

Plumbing repairs and replacement can be costly. Look for leaky pipes, water in the basement, outdated pipes, damaged pipes, leaks around the toilet, and low water pressure. Also look at the condition of the hot water tank. How old is the tank? Is it rusty?

When searching for a new home to buy, it’s up to you to look for and identify problems. Each time you visit a home, put on your inspector’s cap. It is beneficial to get a disclosure package that highlights all the problems of the home and property. As well, hire a home inspector before you buy.

ARWHome provides home warranties and appliance protection plans not only for major home appliances and systems, but also an Ultimate Electronics Protection Plan for new and existing home and computing entertainment products. With ARWHome protection plans, homeowners experience prompt and professional customer service, immediate service for emergencies issues, and efficient response to a request for service within 24-48 hours. If you are planning to buy a new home, consider the added protection of a home warranty.

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