Adding Value to your Real Estate Services


In the real estate sales business, building and maintaining relationships is a key component to achieving success. Potential clients want to trust their real estate agent or broker so they come to see him or her as the only choice when considering buying or selling a home. Adding value to your real estate services is like making an investment that guarantees a big return. The return you get from your investment in more real estate leads, more real estate referrals, and ultimately an increase in home sales. Below is a list of key methods to adding value to your real estate services.

Effectively Manage a Contact and Lead Database

Maintaining and managing a contact and lead database helps you to stay in contact with potential clients and ensures no one feels abandoned or forgotten. It shows you are willing to commit long term to the relationship which helps with the process of turning a lead into a sale. It also enables you to engage in fast response to inquiries by phone, website, and email. And when it comes to selling or buying a home, you are better able to follow up with all leads which increases the prospects of a home sale

Cater to Client Needs, Not just Making a Sale

Listen to what the client wants and needs and take action. For instance, don’t just find homes for sale in the region but use technology to find the right home. For example, you can use technology to clearly define the client’s target area which can include specific environment, proximity of schools, supermarkets, work, medical services, etc. This enables you to build a solid reputation as an agent concerned about the happiness and satisfaction of the client rather than just the commission.

Focus on Leads, Sales, and Referrals

As with just about every business, word-of-mouth is a great lead generator. Acquiring referrals means getting the reputation of always keeping the buyers and sellers’ best interests in mind. Do a yearly checkup with past clients as it shows you care about them, not the sale. By doing so, you are providing value added seller/buyer representation rather than agency to agency representation. Maintain contact with prospective clients. Prepare to add value whenever you call, email or get in contact. This can include providing new market research and sending out real estate newsletter containing helpful info. Focus on having a quality conversation and outlining ways you can help. This all helps with gaining more sales, more repeat business, and more real estate referrals.

Add Value With Real Estate Agent Home Warranty Plans

Because the real estate market can be competitive, provide added incentives to help clients with home sales to stand out from the crowd. For instance, real estate agent home warranty plans are very attractive to both sellers and buyers. A real estate home warranty is an annual service agreement that covers the cost to repair or replace covered mechanical failures of home systems and appliances due to normal wear and tear for a fraction of the average repair cost.

A real estate home warranty plan is a great way for you to provide advice to your buyers and sellers. It helps protect your business and your reputation by minimizing the risk of a closing delay due to a system or appliance failure. Additionally, a home warranty plan often mitigates the risk of an Error and Omissions (E&O) claim, especially in a market where properties are moving so quickly.

With a home warranty plan in place, your clients will thank you for potentially saving them thousands of dollars in repair costs due to unknown or unforeseen circumstances. At ARWHome, all of our plans have no square footage limitations, so your clients’ homes are covered no matter the size. Adding value to your real estate services, including real estate agent home warranty plans, is a great way to grow your real estate business.

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