Ways to keep your bed cozy and clean


The recent COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of health and hygiene. And when it comes to hygiene you wouldn’t think bedding hygiene is that important.

But where do you think skin irritation and breathing problems like asthma start from – poor bed hygiene.

Now, we understand you have other things on mind than cleaning your bed sheets and duvet first thing in the morning. But when you think of finally dusting your bed the dust bunnies that form might look cute to your kids but their health and yours either.

A clean and fresh bed not only impacts your health affects your mood and mindset as well. Who wouldn’t like waking up on clean bedsheets that feel like a fresh breather every morning? Mere a thought of it might have brightened up your mood. And a warm and cozy bed is more than comfortable every night helping you get much-needed sound sleep.

So, how do you keep your bed clean and cozy without feeling it like a task every day? We have shared simple tips and steps below to help you clean your bed and maintain bed and bedroom hygiene.

  • Start with refreshing your mattress

When cleaning a bed most people only limit their cleaning routine to bed covers and comforters. But moving your focus a little down to cleaning your mattress is also important as over time your mattress may have collected dust, sweat, and smell.

To clean your mattress, you can a dust cloth or suck off the dust by using a vacuum cleaner. Next, get the magical baking soda from your kitchen and sprinkle some on the top layer of your mattress.

Let it deodorize the mattress for at least 10 minutes then suck it off. While you are at it, make sure you wash the bed cover of your mattress as well.

  • Wash the bed sheets

As we are working from bottom to top, the next step is cleaning the bedsheet.

It is important to wash the bedsheets in your house regularly especially for households with babies and toddlers or if any one of your family members is sick.

Although experts recommend washing your sheets once a week you can make a routine of washing them once every two weeks or twice a week. It is also necessary to have at least two sets of bed sheets for this reason.

Whether you want to stick to white sheets or add a pop of colors and patterns you can buy bedsheets online.

There are plenty of designs and sizes available online nowadays. You can easily shop for bedsheets that suit your need, choice, and your bed size from a single bedsheet, double bed sheet, and king-size bed sheet.

Choose colors and fabric that will make your bed feel warm and cozy.

Once you have put your bed sheets for the hot washing cycle move on to clean your duvet, and pillow covers.

Even though you use your duvet with a duvet cover, it’s probably dirtier than you think. So, to maintain proper bed hygiene you should wash the duvet and duvet cover following the care instructions.

Do you have throw pillows in your bedroom? If yes, check if their covers are machine-washable and wash them as well in the machine.

If you have too many throw pillows that you have to toss on the floor every night, consider storing the extras in the bin bag or bed storage instead. This way the extra throw pillows will stay dust-free and you won’t have to make extra efforts to change and clean their covers every week.

  • Wash the pillows

Well if we talked about cleaning and deodorizing the mattress, why leave the pillows out of your cleaning routine. Although washing pillows can seem like a task here is the good news, most pillows are machine-washable. You can know about your pillows’ washing instructions on their labels.

Well, that was about the cleaning part of your pillows. But what about retaining their shape and comfort? Here is a trick to keep your pillows fluffy after every wash – use wool dryer balls when drying pillows in the dryer. Make sure the duvet and pillows are dried completely before you use them again to prevent the mold.

  • Use linen spray

After a thorough cleaning of your bed what can bring freshness to your bedding is a clean and fresh fragrance. For that, you can use linen spray with fragrance or essence of your choice.

You can buy linen spray or make your own by mixing alcohol, distilled water, and your favorite essential oil. Before you are ready to use your fresh and clean bed mist your bed sheets, comforter, or duvet with this linen spray to keep them fresh and fragrant for longer.

Making a habit of thorough bed cleaning and adding this cleaning routine into your weekly chores can help you keep your bed clean and cozy ridding you of any allergies or diseases due to poor bed hygiene.

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