Guide To Starting A Plumbing Business


The plumbing industry for residential purposes is growing at a rapid phase. The near-average growth is around 4% while half of the licensed plumbing experts nearing their retirement age. Starting a plumbing business seems a great opportunity for several young entrepreneurs in the plumbing industry. The majority of the plumbing franchises in Tucson are successful and have created a niche in the industry. The article is a guide to starting a plumbing business.

Choosing the services to offer

When one is considering entering into the plumbing business, he/she has to understand three basic thumb rules while serving their customer.

  1. Price
  2. Quality
  3. Speed

When one is an expert in the field, the quality he/she brings can bring all the difference in the business. Every plumber represents themselves as a quality worker. But a few can boast their high customer rating for slab leak detection. Creating reliability in specific plumbing niches with potential customers can aid in marketing. While one considers starting a plumbing franchise, it is necessary to consider the niche that the franchise wants to offer.

Common plumbing niches

Some common plumbing niches include:

  • Slab leak detection
  • After-hour or emergency plumbing
  • New construction
  • Water filtration
  • Sewer repairs
  • Backflow testing and repairs
  • Water filtration
  • Drain cleaning
  • Water heater installation
  • Installation of fixtures

Analyzing the plumbing market trends

After evaluating and assessing the skills and desires, it is necessary to follow the local market trends and analyze the competitors, and the offers already made. One who is considering entering the plumbing franchises in Tuscon can analyze the market by studying the following aspects.

  • Market share
  • Pricing
  • Location
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Threats and opportunities
  • Marketing strategy
  • Customer feedback

Analyzing the market minutely, it becomes easy to determine the business opportunities.

Discovering the business USP

When one explores the local market and understands the trends, identifying the USP of the business becomes easier. Furthermore, it aids in offering advantages to the business. The individual considering a plumbing franchise should make a list of services and features and try to analyze the benefits for customers.

What are the features offered by the business?

The following features need to be considered:

ü  Does the business offer a camera-tracking service?

ü  Is there any other provider with the same service?

ü  Is top-notch quality rendered?

ü  Does the business provide the best customer service?

ü  What are the guarantees offered?

How do the features benefit the customers?

The benefits of the features should be listed one by one. For instance, the business is the only service provider offering camera-tracking and smoking testing services in the area. Moreover, the service provider is budget-friendly and saves time and money for the customers. Another USP for a plumbing business can be focusing on the safety and security of the customers (mainly women homeowners who let the plumbers inside their property when they are alone).

Giving a creative name to the plumbing business

Since there is a wide array of plumbing franchises in Tucson, it is vital to give a creative name to the new plumbing business. The name of the business should sync with the USP and the niche of the business so that the customers can associate easily. Moreover, it will be easier for people to find online. It is recommended to provide the business with simple names. Hiring an expert to design a business website with an eye-catching domain name and social media accounts is also important. A trademark search is also important to conduct to find whether any other business has a similar name.

Getting the paperwork done

While starting a plumbing business, it is necessary to consider whether there will be one primary plumber, or whether employees will be hired with a proper plumber license. It is necessary to get started with the paperwork so that the plumbing franchise can get a license to start the business. Different states in the country offer varying requirements. Getting a contractor’s license, a registered plumber’s license, an electrical trainee card, and so on is necessary to function.

Moreover, the plumbing franchise is also required to consider the business structure, like soles proprietorship, corporation, partnership, LLC, etc. The next step is to apply for an EIN or Employer Identification Number from the Federal government. This is a tax identification number that helps the customers to consider the business as a reliable entity.

Business insurance

Once the registration and license of the business are complete, the next step is to consider the insurance of the business. Understanding the common types of plumbing business insurance coverage helps to operate the business safely. Some of the common coverages used in plumbing businesses include:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Business Owner’s Policy
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance

Creating a proper business plan

Creating a business plan showcases the success paths and the elements required to contribute to a flourishing plumbing franchise. A proper business plan includes cash flow details, marketing, and advertising plans, aiding to convince plumbers, partners, and lenders to support the franchise. The plumbing franchises in Tucson have well-defined, and organized business plans containing the following sections.

  • Executive Summary describes briefly the business, the management team, and the customer focus.
  • The Company Summary includes the goals and services offered by the business.
  • In the Market Analysis section, the business describes the market segment of the business and the elements that need to be introduced in the market.
  • The Strategy section offers the sales forecast and budget plans.
  • Personal Plan includes the plumber hiring process and the management team.
  • Finally, the Financial Plan represents the projected profit and loss, fixed costs, expenses, and other financial projections.


The above-mentioned are the step-by-step guide to start a plumbing business. Starting a new plumbing business is not an easy task as several established plumbing franchises in Tucson have already built a reputation in the market. A newbie has to apply aggressive marketing strategies to create a niche. Thanks to the step-by-step procedures of starting a new plumbing business and building reputation and loyalty among customers.

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