Mark Roemer Oakland Explores Interior Decorating Tips for Beautifying Your Rental Home



According to Mark Roemer Oakland, beautifying a rental home can be a tricky and challenging experience. In most cases, you wouldn’t be permitted to make major changes that affect the property of the landlord, and this can include the floors and the walls as well. However, there are some landlords who are more lenient and can give you permission if you ask kindly and discuss things before making any major changes. Fortunately, there are many ways you can improve the decor of your home even if you live in a rented property.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few interior decorating tips you can follow to beautify your rental home:

  1. Invest in good lighting – Bad lighting is one of the most overlooked factors in rental properties that can make the ambiance and decor of the room dull. Sometimes, the lighting elements can become old and dysfunctional, and sometimes they could simply be mismatched.

The best way to solve this issue is to invest in quality lighting fixtures or floor lamps and table lamps with decorative fun shades since they can make the space come alive. You can install lower wattage bulbs or even smart bulbs to set the ambiance of the rooms during the evenings and replace outdated light fixtures with new ones that offer powerful ambient lighting.

  1. Focus on the windows – Bad window dressings can attract attention but not in a good way. Most rental homes feature boring blinds or mismatched old curtains that look unappealing and dull. However, replacing the old blinds with colorful and bright curtains can instantly make your rooms feel more attractive and beautiful than ever by filtering the light that comes through the windows and painting the room with a warm glow.

You can choose the design and color of curtains of your choice plus they are good investments since you can get them for cheap and bring them with you when you move to new properties.

  1. Hide ugly flooring with colorful rugs – One of the most common problems with rental properties is the ugly flooring. Fortunately, you can easily solve this issue by adding area rugs, mats, and carpets of your choice no matter the color, texture, patterns.

It allows for a way to infuse the property with your personality and style preferences while providing an inexpensive way to solve a major hindrance. The part is that these are great investments that you own for many years.

  1. Add some plants – Adding a mix of flowering as well as nonflowering plants to your rental space can turn it livelier and more welcoming. We recommend you choose plants that don’t require much maintenance. Also, remember to keep them in the corners and against the walls to use them to their full potential.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you use removable wallpapers to infuse rental home walls with unexciting color with some character and vibrancy. Many landlords might not allow you to redecorate the walls but using removable wallpaper is a good way to get around this issue. Plus, you can experiment with different wallpaper options since they are removable.

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