How To Stay Cool When Your AC Breaks



Summer heat can be suffocating, and nobody wants to spend the dog days of summer in a stuffy home. Unfortunately, no matter how cold your air conditioning runs, it’s bound to break at one point or another. But don’t fret! You’ll find easy and affordable solutions in this article on how to stay cool when your AC breaks.

Lower the shades

Lowering your window shades when your air conditioner breaks can help you keep cool. That’s because the sun’s rays coming through windows can be hotter than the stifling temperatures inside your home. So, cover up those windows with blinds and curtains to prevent sunlight from entering.

Turn on the fans

Your fan can save you from the heat, and it can also help you cool down quickly when your AC goes out. Fans will circulate air to create cooling comfort in any room of your house. Depending on the size of your home and the number of fans you have, this can help lower the temperature by up to 8 degrees.

Stay hydrated

Another way to keep cool when your AC breaks is to stay hydrated. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, drinking cold liquids helps your body to keep its temperature steady. When your body overheats, try drinking any cold beverage. It helps to cool you down almost instantly.

Cool the room with ice

Grab your ice packs and place one in each corner of the problem room. They’ll draw heat away from the walls, floor, and ceiling—giving you temporary relief until you can schedule service and have your air conditioning unit repaired within a few days.

Take advantage of emergency AC services in your area

Staying in a house with no cooling is the worst way to spend your summer vacation. Luckily, there are readily available professionals who can help you when your AC breaks. At the first sight of the problem, make the call right away to your trusted local HVAC company. Instead of troubleshooting the problem on your own, let the pros handle the job and get fast and efficient results. What are you waiting for? Make the call today!

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