7 Exciting Interior Design Trends You Will See More Often In 2023


It seems that, in recent years, interior design trends have changed more rapidly. No longer are designs that have been celebrated for a great deal of time, especially those relating to Scandinavian minimalism, being held in the same regard. In fact, they are quickly being replaced with many polar opposites.

As this list will demonstrate, many living spaces are changing dramatically. So, if your home is in need of a renovation or redesign, or you are perhaps feeling an inkling that it’s time to change, then we have seven of the most exciting new aesthetics for you to draw inspiration from, those that will be increasingly celebrated in 2023.

Biophilic Design

From floral prints to curves over corners, incorporating nature more deeply into interior designs is increasingly in vogue. Homes are taking colour inspiration from natural palettes, revelling in deep blues and romantic greens, all while industrial furniture is being replaced with rustic and organic alternatives. Next year you’ll find fewer homes with metal and plastic embellishments and many more with wood and stone instead.

Wellbeing Space

Treating a living space as functional is out, with the focus now being on well-being instead. This means that we will be seeing many more signs of personal care about the home, from more decadent bathroom designs to plush comforts adorning living spaces, as well as an increased number of cosy reading nooks too.


Carving out your own space in which to escape to is becoming more popular, with log cabins being one of the best ways to do it. These luxurious spaces are simple to create, being established among the nature of a garden, and can be customised to support the comforts and interests of residents.


A direct counter to years of sparsity and minimalism, now is the dawning of maximalism. This means it’s time to throw away your Marie Kondo attitude and instead embrace the joys of colour, trinkets, and bold designs. Many designers are now looking for new ways to combine different elements, such as contrasting fabrics and colours, as they look to create confident new clashes for an exciting design.


Likely inspired by a new wave of royalist culture, especially with the success of shows like The Crown and Bridgerton, regencycore is making its way into interior design, filling homes with elegant and, often, gold embellishments that uphold spaces of comfort and beauty.

Photogenic Backdrops

Driven by the branding of homes, interior designs are being seen not only through the lens of a living space but also a social space. As such, backdrops, those that have an instant and recognisable appeal, are being installed in homes, with homeowners using them to promote their own social profiles

Rustic And Rural

There is a new nostalgia for the halcyon days of pre-industrial life as many turn to distance their living spaces from the urban elements of modern interior designs. Vintage elements, those that would not be out of place in rustic cottages, are being introduced to homes both as statement pieces and as part of a wider cottagecore design.

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