Are Shutters Better Than Blinds and Curtains?


When picking the right accessory for your windows, you must consider what will fit the design and aesthetic you’re trying to go for. There are many who would say that shutters are better suited for your windows than blinds and curtains while others might disagree. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of these options.

Shutters vs. Blinds

Shutters and blinds are most commonly used by people looking to bring a modern look to their windows and the overall atmosphere of their homes. While both are great options, you might like to consider the fact that shutters offer better coverage and less leakage of light compared to blinds. This is because they are often made to fit into the window frame as compared to blinds which are simply made to be placed over the window itself. Shutters are also safer for children as the cords for blinds can be hazardous and dangerous for the young ones. Shutters are comparatively child friendly.

Blinds, however, are the cheapest option out of the two. There are also a large variety of options available when looking at the finishing of the accessory. You can look into different colour options with blinds which have a wider variation compared to shutters.

Shutters vs. Curtains

Where curtains are seen as a more traditional form of window dressing, shutters bring about an aesthetic charge that no other option brings. Curtains tend to harbour a lot of dust and other dirt that often sticks to the fabric. This proves to be rather unhygienic and can cause issues for those who are sensitive to allergies. They are also difficult to clean as they require deep cleaning and a lot of time as well as effort.

On the other hand, shutters can be easily cleaned on a regular basis with a simple cloth. This is particularly important for those sensitive to allergies and children who must be protected from dirt and other unhygienic surroundings.

However, it is important to note that curtains offer a sort of traditional aesthetic that shutters not blinds can achieve. The variety of colour and design ranges distinguish curtains from all other options. They make the home environment cosy and comfortable and allow people to feel at home in a way that no other window dressing could.

Final Words

It is, very simply, a matter of choosing what kind of window dressing you’d prefer according to your needs and expectations from it. If you are looking for something that is modern, timeless, can provide heat loss, and is hygienic, shutters are the way to go.

If you would rather something that provides a similar, albeit less, amount of heat loss, a variety of designs and colours, as well as a chic outlook, you may want to go for the blinds. And if you are someone who prefers the traditional window dressing and prioritises comfort over all else, curtains might be the best option for you. It is all about finding what works for you.

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