A Guide To Choosing The Right Stone For Pool Deck


If you get a fibreglass pool installed in your home, then you’ll need to get a pool deck installed around it. The pool deck is the area where you place everything from the loungers for your guests, to parasols for shade. This is why your pool deck needs to be built of a material that is strong and durable. A lot of people opt for stone as the material they want their pool deck to be made out of.

But there are some factors that you’ll need to take into consideration when choosing the right kind of pool deck for your fibreglass pool area. You can opt for limestone, which is usually light in colour. This makes limestone perfect for hot areas, where you’ll enjoy the feeling of the cool stone on your feet, against the hot summer day. You could also get a fieldstone that emulates what it’s like to be in the deep woods.

Other options include reclaimed granite, which has a timeless beauty. But how do you go about selecting the best kind of stone for your pool deck?

What Should You Consider When Choosing Stone For Your Pool Deck?

When it comes to the kind of stones available to you, you’ll be dealing with a huge variety. How then do you decide what kind of stone is perfect for your pool deck? Here is what you should consider, when thinking about what kind of stone you should opt for, for your pool deck.

1. The Style

Depending on what kind of stone you get, how your pool deck appears may drastically change. A pool deck made of granite has a very different look and feel to it when compared to a pool deck made of limestone. In general, you could be opting for a look that’s either more sophisticated or more rustic.

For sophisticated pool decks, you’ll need a stone that’s capable of producing sleek as well as clean lines. For rustic-styled pool decks, on the other hand, you’ll need a stone that’s capable of producing more natural-looking lines, which are often rougher as well. These kinds of pool decks look like they are straight from the earth itself, and blend in really well with all kinds of pool landscaping. You can get more colourful rocks as well, to create a pool deck that is unique or eye-catching. Consider adding mosaic tiles to your pool deck as well, to add a touch of colour.

2. The Colour

Natural stone can be found in various colours as well as colour combinations. When you take enough time to plan, you’ll be able to find stones in nearly any colour that you can think of. If you’re in a rush, however, your options may be more limited. This is why you should always plan ahead, and get in touch with the supplier ahead of time, to let them know what you’re looking for.

Your pool deck area could be exposed to direct sunlight, especially should it be exposed through the day, then opting for a lighter stone is better. A stone that’s lighter in colour can help keep the temperature of your pool deck down.

Since there are so many colours available to you, you could be confused about what you should pick. First, pick a colour theme. This theme should match the colour theme that your home has. If you already have stone structures in your backyard, then you can choose stone material of the same colour, for your pool deck. This helps create a cohesive design.

3. Surface Texture

What texture the stone you chose has, can affect both the look as well as the feel of your pool deck area. You can opt for a surface that has a split face. This can be seen with plank pavers that are reclaimed. With this kind of paver, the final look that you’ll get will both be rustic as well as unique.

To get a cleft surface that is natural, the stones will need to be split along their natural seam. This helps the stone get a look that’s more organic, and the surface is flatter as well. When it comes to surface textures that are designed to be refined, these come from stones that are sawn. The stones are then manipulated to get the right texture. This is done either by hand or with the help of a machine.

4. Scale

The size of each stone that goes into making the pool deck is important as well. You could opt for smaller stones, which you’ll need more of, or larger stones, which you’ll need less of. The size of the stone does affect both the look and the feel of the pool deck area.

Should your pool deck be a larger area, then use larger stones. This helps provide a grand feel as well. You can use smaller pieces of stone to create intricate patterns on certain areas as well, to make the pool deck area look more sophisticated.

5. Design and Shape

How the stone is shaped, can really change how the pool deck will finally look. You can get stones that have an irregular shape, or those that are a perfect rectangle. You can get stones of the same shape, in different colours, to add a unique touch to your pool deck design.

Create a pool deck design using stones of different shapes, and have a pool deck that’s unlike anything anyone else has.


To create your pool deck, the builder will need to make use of specialized stones. These stones can be anything from limestone to granite. They are available in a broad range of colours, and in different shapes and sizes as well. Before you decide what kind of stone would be perfect for your pool deck, there are certain factors that you should consider.

These include whether your pool deck will be exposed to the sun through the day or not, how large your pool deck will be and other factors. Use this guide to learn how to pick the best stone for your pool deck.

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