Boost Your Home’s Value: Renovation Ideas for Top Dollar


Thinking of selling your house? Even if it’s a distant dream, renovations can make your home more appealing and fetch a higher price tag when the time comes. Here are some strategic upgrades to maximize your home’s value:

Curb Appeal is King (and Queen)

First impressions matter! Boost your home’s visual appeal with a well-maintained lawn, colorful landscaping, and fresh mulch. This low-cost project offers a whopping 238% return on investment (ROI). A fresh coat of exterior paint (152% ROI) or upgrading to manufactured stone veneer (91.4% ROI) adds sophistication and value. For a relatively inexpensive upgrade with a 133% ROI (around $2,800!), consider replacing your garage door.

Outdoor Oasis or Overspend

Today’s buyers crave functional outdoor spaces. Consider a comfortable deck or patio for entertaining. Pools and hot tubs can add value but consult a local expert – the return might not be guaranteed in all areas. Fire pits, however, are a crowd-pleaser with a 67% ROI.

Lighten Up and Widen Your Appeal

Inside, swap out dark walls for light, neutral colors. Light blue is a favorite for bathrooms, while bedrooms can handle bolder accents like navy blue. Considering multigenerational living? Universal design features like wider doorways and ramps are not only trendy but also add significant value for aging residents.

Fire It Up for More Profit

Fireplaces are a hot commodity! They can increase your listing price by 13% and entice 77% of buyers to pay more, according to Redfin and Angi surveys. Fireplace installations typically yield a 6-12% increase in home value – a toast-worthy return! Hire professional masonry services to ensure proper installation or renovation. Your investment will incur less risk when properly done.

This is Just the Beginning

These are just a few ideas to ignite your home improvement journey. Explore the accompanying resource for more in-depth tips on maximizing your home’s value. By strategically investing in renovations, you can create a beautiful, functional home that sells fast and brings top dollar!

Infographic provided by Coast to Coast Masonry

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