What Does a Building Survey Entail?


This is a question that many UK homeowners ask, as they try to gain a better understanding of this specialised service, and in this article, we will look at the process of building surveying. It is a very comprehensive inspection of the structure that would include the following:

  1. The Building Perimeter – A complete survey of the perimeter that includes distances to power lines and other structures. Laser technology is used to accurately measure building dimensions, and if you would like to know the survey cost in Brighton, or any other UK location, an online search will help you find a nearby surveyor.
  2. The Roof – A thorough inspection would determine the structural integrity of the roof, with every aspect checked using both exterior and interior inspections.

  1. Exterior Walls – These are checked to see if they are perfectly square and are generally in good condition, while the existence of damp will be looked for.

  1. Presence of Hazardous Materials – Asbestos is one substance that the surveyor will be looking for, as this can be very harmful, and if found, needs to be removed by a specialist.

  1. Electrical System – There should be a certificate to ensure that the house was wired up correctly, and the surveyor would carry out a few tests to ensure the system is safe.

  1. The Plumbing – The plumbing system is thoroughly inspected for leaks.

The above are only some of the aspects of a property that a building survey would cover, and if you are about to buy a house, it makes sense to have the building surveyed.

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