Pros and Cons of the Revolving Door


 The revolving door has been around since the late 19th century and is typically used in businesses and other commercial buildings. There are several advantages and disadvantages to this type of entrance for both building owners and the people using the door. 


Revolving doors can enhance the facade of a building. Elaborate and beautiful gateways into buildings can be created that draw interest and admiration from the public. Aside from the positive aesthetic, a well-designed entrance can bring, the revolving door also provides a measure of climate control for the building. Because of how the door is designed, it keeps large amounts of air from escaping when it is opened. The multiple-door design keeps street noise and fumes muted for those inside while allowing for minimal air escape.

In terms of safety, the revolving door can help control the flow of people in and out of the building. With a traditional door and some other door types, including those that slide, can all larger numbers of people to move through and can create blockages. Such congestion can damage the door and potentially cause harm to people. A properly installed and maintained doorway that includes revolving door code compliance is crucial to safety.


While more modern revolving doors are automated and move with little or no pushing from those moving through, however, many existing entryways require moderate to heavy pushing. This can be a problem for the elderly, disabled, children, persons with mobility issues, and those carrying heavy packages. An alternative for this situation is to have an automatic door available nearby for those who may have difficulty pushing.

Fear of doors or of becoming trapped with a stranger is not unusual. Some units have narrow components that can cause claustrophobic thoughts in some people. Those who are not familiar with this type of door may not understand how to use it and could trap themselves and others. 

Getting in and out of buildings is an everyday experience for many people. The flow of people through these structures is a crucial component for many business owners. The revolving door allows for better climate and noise control and can be used to improve security at entrances. Segments of the population are not well suited for this entranceway, which makes alternative entrances and exist a consideration. Proper installation, maintenance, and code compliance are vital. These advantages can be weighed against the disadvantages to determine if this type of door is the best installation for a building.


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