How To Make Your Home Feel Like A Luxury Apartment



Have you ever looked at your favorite celebrity’s house or apartment and just wished it could be yours? Do you admire the look and feel of  luxurious apartments and hotels? You’re not alone.

We all want a little more luxury in our lives. 

How do we achieve this? By transforming your dull-looking home to look and feel like a high-end apartment.

It doesn’t cost much to live a luxurious life. With a little thought and planning, you can create a beautiful, luxurious home.

Expert tips to make your home feel like a luxury apartment

  • Create a welcoming entrance

Have you ever seen the beautiful doorways and entrances to luxurious apartments? 

The entrance is the first point of contact with the home. It says a lot about your apartment. 

Your entrance should be elegant and welcoming. It should create a good first impression on your guests or even the passers-by. 

Think outside the box and add some art, an entrance table or a hall console at your entrance and add some decorations to it.

  • Choose your lighting well

Beauty and lighting go hand in hand, especially at night. If you plan on hosting regular night events at your home, then you should make good use of lights. 

A well-lit home looks more welcoming and luxurious. 

Luxury lighting is defined by the style, unique features, sparkle, scale, and finishes. 

Have a variety of lighting solutions in your house, from table lamps to string lights to floor lamps. Create some ambience with candle lights.

You can also use a picture or track lighting to show your artwork. Statement lighting also works magic in transforming your ordinary home into a luxurious apartment.

However, you need to understand the various types of interior lighting which are; ambient, task, mood, general, and accent. This will help you use the correct lighting in the right place.

If you can, add more windows in your house to let in natural light. You can also use mirrors to bring natural light to your house.  

  • Take care of your floor

Your floor is as important as your entrance, and it takes part in creating the first impression to your visitors. You must decide on and install the best flooring solution for your house. You can spruce up your dull-looking floor with epoxy floor paint.

Epoxy floors complement any decorative lighting in your house and are also good at covering defects on the floor. Additionally, epoxy floors are cost-effective and resistant to various elements such as shock, heat, water, and chemicals.

A soft rug underfoot adds a personal touch to your home.

Hardwood floors are also a great choice. They are beautiful, and come in various designs, easy to clean and maintain, and they last for a long time.

Another alternative flooring solution is ceramic tiles. These come in various colors and designs, giving you wide choices to personalize and beautify your house. They are very durable and can withstand constant foot traffic. The price depends on your design choice and the size of the floor space. 

  • Create space


A luxurious home needs more open space. If you don’t have enough space in your house, you’ll need to create it.

First, start by decluttering your house. Get rid of anything that occupies space in your house, but it’s not very essential. You can dispose of the items, donate to charity or sell them for some cash.

After that, rearrange your house. If you can’t do it well, get some help from home stylists and designers. If space is still an issue, try investing in clever storage solutions. 

Alternatively, you may need to expand or extend your house to create more space. However, you’ll need professional assistance from home improvement experts for this kind of project.

You can also play tricks with mirrors. Having many of them will make your house appear bigger.

  • Have some houseplants

Bring some life to your home with both natural and artificial house plants. You can place the plants almost anywhere in your house, be it on shelves, window sills, or in a corner somewhere.

Indoor plants and flowers bring beauty and comfort to your home. Additionally, indoor plants come with some physical and psychological benefits. Some cleanse the air in your house while improving your mood, performance, and focus.

If you choose to use real plants, you will need to water them regularly and place them where there is adequate light. You also need to replace them once they start drying out. Artificial indoor plants have no major demands apart from the occasional dusting.

Add some creativity to the indoor plants by mixing different colors and placing them in colourful pots.

  • Replace your furniture

You may need to get new furniture for your house, if your budget allows it. 

When shopping for your home furniture, combine luxury with functionality. Furnish your house with high quality chairs and tables. 

You can opt for high-quality leather models or go for classy and stylish wood furniture.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can simply reupholster your existing furniture or your old sofas a new lease of life with new covers. 

Painting your old furniture also goes a long way in ensuring that you create a luxurious apartment at your home.

Bottom Line

Transforming your home to look and feel like a luxurious apartment doesn’t need to be a daunting and costly task. You only need to do some little touch-ups, think outside the box, start small and you’ll be on your way. 

First, you need to focus on your home entrance. Make sure the entrance reflects what’s inside.

Your lighting is also a major turn-up in your home. Play with lights to create a picturesque scene. Add some mirrors in your house to make it appear big. Add some beauty with houseplants and flowers and finish up by replacing or reupholstering your old furniture. 

With all this, you are good to start enjoying your luxurious life in your home.

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