7 Benefits of Installing a Retractable Canopy


Imagine sitting out on your back patio in the blazing sun. You may soon realize that it is time for an upgrade. You want your yard to be a highly usable oasis, but something is clearly missing. A retractable canopy could be that missing piece of perfection. They are many benefits to installing one.

Extend Outdoor Time

retractable fabric canopy is an amazing option to extend how much time you spend outdoors. The shade created from your canopy not only reduces the air temperature but also reduces the ground temperature. That makes it more comfortable for the whole family including pets. You will also have protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Don’t forget about other elements. Waterproof fabric can provide some barrier for light rain.

Keep It Convenient

Fabric canopies are extremely convenient. The best ones can be easily pulled out or put away within seconds. Gone are the days of toating around umbrellas. You will no longer have to crank your umbrella out or stash it away in inclement weather.

Enhance Aesthetics

A canopy can spruce up your outdoor aesthetic. You can choose from a nearly infinite supply of beautiful colors, patterns, and textures. Find one that ties your look together seamlessly.

Save Money

An outdoor canopy can help reduce your energy bill. In the summertime, an extended canopy may keep your AC bill at 80% of what you’re used to. Shading your AC unit itself also increases its efficiency.

Protect Furnishings

Keeping the environmental elements off your indoor and outdoor furnishings can extend their life. Sun, rain, and snow can cause premature fading and deterioration of patio furniture and rugs. Your awning can help protect your indoor couches and carpets as well by preventing the sun’s rays from shining through windows.

Provide Flexibility

An extended canopy provides a lot of benefits, but it’s also nice to be able to retract it. Permanent structures lack the flexibility that retractable canopies provide. There may be a time when you want to enjoy more sunshine.

Install Easily

As long as you have framework like a pergola, installation is a breeze. You can install a retractable canopy in under an hour without having to hire contractors.

If you agree that a retractable canopy is a beautiful, convenient, cost-effective, and flexible way to improve your outdoor space, take the plunge and purchase one. You’ll be on your way to the outdoor oasis you’ve always wanted.

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