Mark Roemer Oakland Reveals the Benefits Associated with Hiring a Painting Contractor



According to Mark Roemer Oakland, many people decide to paint the rooms of their new house or apply a fresh coat of paint over the old one on their own in order to save on money. However, hiring a painting contractor can offer you numerous benefits with just a little extra cost. And, oftentimes, the extra advantages you get by hiring skilled professionals are completely worth the cost.

The Benefits

Here are a few benefits of hiring a painting contractor:

  1. They deliver a better-quality finish – Anybody can splash some paint on the walls, but it is very unlikely that they would achieve the same results as a professional painter. A skilled professional knows the art of painting well enough to deliver outstanding results almost every time.

Plus, they have the experience and knowledge necessary to understand what must go into the preparation stages to obtain a smooth and long-lasting finish. For instance, it could include masking fixtures, stripping old paint, applying the most suitable primers, filling in holes, using the suitable paint for each surface, sandpapering rough areas, and more.

  1. They can get the job done sooner – Painting rooms is a time-consuming task, especially if you have lots of rooms to cover. It is undeniable that hiring professionals for the paintwork in your home can allow you to save a lot of time and focus on more important responsibilities such as work or spending time with your family members.

Professional painters can also get the job done sooner not only because they have the necessary skills and experience but also due to having commercial equipment and tools such as scaffolding, paint sprayers, pipe painters, specialty rollers, and more that help with the process. Now, although you can rent or buy such tools for yourself, you probably won’t be able to use them properly and it’s an additional expense that can be avoided altogether by hiring experts.

  1. You can ask for their advice – If you have no idea about color combinations or about different types of paints, it can be a challenge to do paintwork yourself. Fortunately, professional contract painters can offer you advice regarding various types of color combinations and patterns that would be suitable for your house. Plus, they can also help you understand the different paint options available within your budget and how to allocate the funds wisely.

Plus, they can also inform you about the local building codes and regulations regarding paint jobs that are necessary to follow.

  1. They maintain proper safety protocols – Professional painting contractors are licensed, follow proper safety protocols, and are also insured. Thus, in the unlikely incident of any accidents occurring, you won’t have to worry one bit about extra expenses.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you hire a professional painting contractor for your next painting project instead of doing it yourself. It would not only allow you to save time but ensure the paintwork is done perfectly and without any trouble.

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