Not Moving? Install A New Bathroom To Re-Vamp Your House!


In most cases it is a fantastic idea to refresh your home whether selling it or otherwise. Installing a brand-new bath, shower, taps or refurbishing the entire bathroom might be a bonus to the quality of life you lead. If you are moving it can add value to the property therefore, it lends towards facilitating a higher selling price. If you are not moving, a new bathroom will make a more convenient, special room in the home you currently live in.

Consider Space

Once you know the steps and procedures, installing a bathroom in your house doesn’t have to be a complicated task. The first thing you should be thinking about is the space you have and how best to use it. It is always a good idea to install cabinets and drawers that are large enough to store your toiletries and towels, as storage is normally a big issue when it comes to keeping a property tidy. Can you believe that there is a whole industry which has evolved due to the need to keep your bathroom tidy? Replacing your bathroom is actually just one of the best ventures you can make in your home and at the same time can make you feel very special when using it. Before the installation gets started you must first have a clear plan.


It is a hassle to deal with blocked drains in London, or anywhere for that matter. This is why it’s really important that you employ a qualified and experienced local plumber who will be able to guide you through the process and give you tips and advice. You will need to produce a plan. This plan should have the layout of the bathroom, toilet sink and cabinets etc with the size of everything. You would initially have to decide where the bath tub goes. The plumber will need to know where to run the pipes, so this discussion will need to be done before anything is confirmed. Then you can decide where the linen basket and other storage units can be placed. Remember where the plumbing components are placed will normally depend on the location of pipes that are existent. The layout should try to reproduce a comfortable and convenient space. Ensure that you measure the area for each item to be sure that there is enough space in the bathroom for them.

Upgrade Accessories

Accessories can help to shape the complete design of one’s refurbishment. You possibly can replace your tap heads and shower head for a more slick and modern look, or you may want traditional fixtures and decorations for that more antique feel. Decorative pieces will usually improve the whole look of the bathroom but don’t overcrowd the bathroom with items since the space will normally be limited.

Environmentally Friendly

There are many products on the market which will help you save our planet whilst saving cash on your bills. When looking for new toilets learn about toilets with different flush capabilities e.g. double flush. Also, you should be able to find water saving shower heads which will not cost a lot more than standard models. You can even find showers that recycle water so genuinely have a think and do your homework. These kind to the environment products can you a lot of money with time means these items more than pay for themselves.

A Little Luxury

Apart from the already discussed accessories, you can use heated towel racks to create a luxurious and comfortable bathroom. Heated towel racks make certain that each time you get out of the shower you will have a cosy, warm towel close at hand. Another idea is electric heating strips which can be installed beneath your new tile to keep it warm and comfortable on cold days. There are even mirror defogging units that may be installed onto the backs of your mirrors, so they’re clear and ready to suit your needs when you get from the shower. It’s simple to find out about all the bathroom features available. Other luxury additions can sometimes include wine coolers, TV mirrors, towel-warming drawers and electronic window blinds.

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