Genius Dining Area Ideas For Tiny Apartments


A dining room is an important part of a home’s interior design as it serves as a space for gathering, entertaining guests, socializing, and having meaningful conversations. However, for those with limited space, a small dining room design can be a challenge when it comes to making it look spacious and aesthetically pleasing. With the right accessories and innovative ideas, however, a small dining room can be transformed into a functional and elegant space that everyone will love.

Slender Dining Table

The dining table idea can play a significant role in maximizing space in a small dining room. Round dining tables can take up a lot of space and make the room feel cramped. To avoid this, consider opting for a slender dining table instead. A slender dining table will allow you to accommodate enough people while still leaving enough space between the table and the wall. It is recommended to have at least 36 inches of space between the table and the wall to ensure comfort and ease of movement. To further enhance the space, consider adding a large wall mirror opposite the dining table. This will create an illusion of a larger room and let in more light, making the space feel brighter and more open. To add character and personality, consider incorporating artwork and table decorations.

Multifunctional Dining Table

Another innovative idea for a small dining room design is to choose a multifunctional dining table. A table with extensions can be used as a low-level storage bench or demarcation, while the other part of the table can be used as a shelf. This way, you can maximize your space and create a comfortable dining area, as well as a beautiful workspace. This type of table is especially useful for those who have limited storage space in their dining room, as it provides ample storage opportunities.

Platform Dining Room

If you have a small portion of your kitchen or living room that you would like to turn into a dining room, consider building a platform. This will demarcate the dining room from the kitchen or living room, and you can also hang a dining pendant light to draw attention to the area. If the height of the room does not allow for an elevated platform, you can differentiate your dining area with a ceiling treatment. For example, you can install a unique ceiling design, such as a suspended ceiling or a ceiling mural, to give the space character and make it more visually appealing.

Room Divider

A room divider can also be an effective solution for creating a small dining room while still allowing for light to flow into the area. A half room divider can be used to rest your dining table on one side, and a storage bench on the other. For this type of setup, it is recommended to use a rectangular dining table, as a round table will take up more space and make it difficult to move around. Room dividers are also great for separating a dining room from other living spaces, such as a living room or kitchen, and can be used to create a more intimate dining experience.

Optimize an Unused Hallway or Study

If you have an unused hallway or study in your home interior design, consider turning it into a dining room. You can erect a narrow dining table near the stairs or a round dining table at the center of the study, depending on the shape of the space. If you have a narrow hallway, a slender dining table would be best, while a round table would work best in a more spacious study. The choice of dining table is important, as it will impact the flow and functionality of the space.

Foldaway Dining Table

For those with limited space in their small dining room design, a foldaway dining table may be the ideal solution. This dining table idea is designed to be compact and fold away when not in use, freeing up valuable floor space. They can be easily stored in a closet or against a wall and can be easily brought out for use when entertaining guests. When selecting a foldaway dining table, make sure it is sturdy and able to support the weight of food and drinks, as well as guests. To ensure a cohesive look, choose a table with a similar design and colour scheme to your other dining room furniture.


Lighting can play a significant role in making a small dining room appear larger and more welcoming. Consider using a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. A pendant light hanging over the dining table will provide ample task lighting and will also serve as a visual focal point. Wall sconces can be used as ambient lighting, while accent lighting can be used to highlight artwork, decorative plates, or other dining room accessories. To increase the illusion of space, consider adding a large wall mirror opposite the dining table. The mirror will reflect light and give the illusion of a larger room.

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