Five Tips to Help you Maintain your Home’s Boiler System


If your home is using a central heating boiler to ensure your home has a comfortable temperature, you will have to know some maintenance tips to prolong the life of your boiler system. In case you have concerns regarding your system, you should contact a reputable plumber right away. Below are some tips to help in maintaining your boiler system:

Find Possible Leaks in the Boiler

Your boiler may leak can result in expensive repairs. A steam boiler’s leak can be detected by turning the thermostat to a high temperature. Remember to check the floor around the system, its main vent and any pipe joints that are exposed. Also, check every room’s radiators for leaks. In case you find some leaks, contact an experienced heating technician that carry out boiler repairs in Preston.

Make the Sure the Standard Water Level is Maintained

The boiler’s water level must be checked every couple of weeks. The majority of boilers come with a safety feature which keeps track of the water level and adds more water automatically when it is getting low. If the boiler does not have sufficient water, it could start a fire. Normally, the boiler will lose a bit of water while it is functioning so ensure you check it on time.

Ensure the Vents and Flues are Always Clean

An efficient boiler helps in keeping your energy bills under control. A central heating boiler can lose energy efficiency if you clean the air vents and flues regularly. Over time, the passage of air will be blocked by dirt buildup, making for boiler unable to work efficiently. As it works harder to produce the desired amount of heat, it can force your energy bills to spike.

Perform Boiler Flushing

Flushing the boiler must be done two times every year. This is important if your area tends to experience some difficult water problems. If you don’t know how to do the task, call a boiler maintenance company to perform the flushing for you. After some time, the hard water buildup in the boiler will have minerals which will create scale and result in reduced energy efficiency and component damages.

Get it Serviced Every Year

Although you can do something to extend the life of your boiler, there are things you should leave to the pros. Experienced boiler repair service providers can perform an in-depth boiler inspection to make sure it is in top shape.

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