How To Add a Little Country to Your Home


Country homes and farmhouse style have had a big comeback, thanks to popular HGTV shows like Fixer Upper. But, not everyone lives in a beautiful countryside home. Before you cover every wall with shiplap, consider adding some minor touches with a big impact. These elements can be used in different styles of homes without looking like your trying to be the next Joanna Gaines.

Window Grids

Window grids can be added to most windows without a ton of work. They come in colonial styles, which is the traditional grid pattern, or a diamond style. Window grids can even be ordered to fit inside semi-circle and other custom size windows. If you want to add grids to your home, then be sure to purchase enough for every window. It will not only make a big impact on the interior design of your rooms but the exterior of your home as well.


Not every home looks good with a large deer head hanging on the wall. Besides the cost of such a piece, it could start a controversy between your family members. Instead, browse different types of antlers. Mounted antlers have the same impact as an animal head but without the fur and big creepy eyes. They can be spray painted a different color or sculpted from metal for a more modern style. You could also opt for a European mount that exposes the skull.


Big leafy ferns have a completely different look than a vase of flowers. They have always been a favorite with interior designers and are used frequently in country-style homes. Large ferns can be placed in shadowy corners, hung from ceiling hooks and placed on top of high furniture. They don’t need a lot of light and enjoy some humidity. Temperature changes and drafts can kill a fern, so place it away from heating vents. In the right spot, ferns will grow big and bright all year long. The green leaves will make you think you’re sitting outside on the porch, enjoying a nice ice tea.

Clay Pottery

If you have clay pottery or mugs, don’t hide it away in the pantry. Display it on open shelving or as a centerpiece to your dining room table. Pottery is warm, handmade and natural. It blends with many styles while also staying true to its country roots. Handmade plates make a beautiful display when hung on the wall with decorative plate hangers. Large platters can be used on an ottoman to hold drinks and remote controls.

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