Tips To Upgrade Your House Interior With Mediterranean Décor


The Mediterranean style of décor has drawn inspiration from seaside homes. Here the foundation of decorating is bright sunshine and fresh air. An array of natural elements is carefully imbibed together for attaining this look. Today we are going to share some insights which can come to your aid while planning your upcoming home décor in Mediterranean style.

  • The highlight of the Mediterranean style lies in its fresh and light colors. You can thus start by painting your walls white so that they can reflect and amplify natural light and create an illusion of bigger space. Some other colors which work like magic with this style are blue and green. The former can bring about a cheerful look that is reminiscent of the ocean whereas green tags along with a natural vibe. Shades of beige add a touch of warmth and look best with wooden furniture. You can also opt for the timeless shade of grey for boosting up the elegance of your home. 
  • Wooden furniture in light hues is preferred in this type of décor given the natural elements they carry. You can thus decorate your space with pale wooden chairs, tables, sofas, beds, etc. Creating a beautiful aesthetic becomes easy by opting for vibrantly colored cushions and tablecloths. 
  • The fabrics you choose also have a big role to play in making or breaking the ultimate look of your interior. Natural and soft fabrics carry an inherent sense of serenity which is perfect for the calming aura of Mediterranean décor. You can choose between cotton drapes, linen or jute upholstery, and a chiffon or organza curtain. The main aim of choosing amongst these light drapes is to prevent absorption and release of heat into the house. It also fosters proper circulation of air all around. For creating the perfect contrast with the bright color of flooring, you can choose these summer fabrics in pastel hues. 
  • Just like furniture, wood holds the first preference amongst the flooring choices. However, you can also use terracotta to strike the perfect contrast against the white wall backdrop. If you do not fancy the wooden style of flooring, then you can spread colors across your floor by using tiles in diverse shades of blue. It is imperative to note that blue is an integral shade of the Mediterranean décor theme as it carries vibes of the sea. You can either go ahead with dark-colored ceramic tiles or the printed variants to create a visual impact. The tiles can either be used for decorating the staircase plain riser or spread on the floor. 
  • For adding a dash of drama in your home, you can install dramatic lighting which can also double up as the main attraction point of your house. A life-size decorative can also be installed which blends in with the rest of your Mediterranean décor. Keeping just one focal point prevents the addition of excessive elements and preserves the spacious look and feel of your house. 
  • Mediterranean décor is all about going organic. You can thus invest in clay dinnerware sourced directly from the potter. If you can’t find painted clay dinnerware in the market, then you can undertake a DIY painting session after bringing it home. 

Final Words

As you might have already understood, Mediterranean décor is all about making your space look bright without adding too many elements to the layout. Though this minimalist style is pretty easy to attain, it is difficult to maintain as the light hues are highly vulnerable to getting shabby. You should clean your house regularly and even appoint a Shrewsbury exterminator to deal with pests and maintain the hygiene quotient of your house. 

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