5 Tips for Using Your Kitchen Appliances Safely



The kitchen is a great place to cook and hang out with family and friends. It is also full of appliances that can be dangerous if they are used incorrectly. Here are five tips to help you use your kitchen appliances safely.

Use GFCI outlets

Use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets to keep your family safe in the kitchen. GFCIs are safety devices that protect people from electric shock. Remember to also check your breaker panel regularly for any issues. Call for a Lansdowne breaker panel repair in case of emergency!

Unplug appliances when not in use

It is best to unplug your kitchen appliances when you’re not using them. Small appliances that you leave plugged in draw small amounts of power even if they are turned off. Over time this can add up and cost you money! Unplugging your kitchen appliances prevents the possibility of an electrical fire or other damage from happening to your equipment.

Avoid using extension cords or power strips

It’s important not to use extension cords or power strips in your kitchen, as these options can be dangerous when plugged into a high-use appliance. It’s best to plug your mixer and other small appliances directly into an outlet.

Do not leave appliances unattended

To prevent accidents and protect your children’s safety, you should never leave cookers or ovens unattended. No appliance should be left with no one in the house. Leaving appliances unattended can cause burns. It could start a fire as well.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions

As with other potentially dangerous home equipment, such as state water heaters and gas ranges, it is important to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions at all times. This can prevent your kitchen from becoming a danger zone.

Schedule routine kitchen appliance maintenance

Routine kitchen appliance maintenance is as important as buying a quality product in the first place. It can mean the difference between an efficient, functioning kitchen appliance and one that is subject to breakdowns, repair bills, and food spoilage. Find a reliable professional to hire by searching “electrician near me” on your local industry page. Don’t wait until it’s too late to schedule your routine kitchen appliance maintenance. Book a service now!

To learn more on the average lifespan of your appliances and signs they are breaking, please see the information below.

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